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Real Estate Fax Provider (REFP) is owned and operated by Vera Cruz Marketing, Inc. Vera Cruz Marketing is a privately held software services and engineering firm located in Macungie, Pennsylvania.

REFP's mission is to provide a complete, cost-effective, and seamless internet faxing solution. REFP serves clients ranging from Fortune-500 corporations to individual users.

Organizational and Financial Stability

We have been profitable since 1996, and we continue to grow as we expand our customer reach. In addition to financial stability, our organizational stability is important to note as well. Our founders have been developing applications in the Internet industry for more than nine years and have seen the changes that have occurred in the industry. Our experiences have enabled us to develop tools and programs to respond to these changes and continue to offer our customers high quality and comprehensive applications.

Innovative Technology

Our top-notch development team is continuously upgrading systems with the latest technology and developing innovative tools and features that will add even more functionality to our service offerings.

Dedicated People

We are successful because of our dedicated employees. The technology that we have developed is due to our tremendously bright, hardworking, and personable staff. Contact us by email or phone; we are here to serve you.

High Quality

Whether you are a company of one or a hundred, we have the right service plan for you. We can tailor specifically for you. You can rest assured that REFP can provide you with the quality of service you need at the right price, offering the perfect plan for your company’s needs. We are here to grow with you.

Increased Customer Focus

Our commitment to customer service is an important and distinguishing characteristic of our company. Our primary goal has been and will remain an emphasis on establishing and sustaining long-term relationships with our customers.

Hassle Free Service

We work hard to make your service as easy to use as possible. REFP wants to provide you with hassle-free service and programs, so you feel no pressure or obligation. Our plans do not require a contract, so if your requirements change, you can take appropriate steps without any sort of stress. We make it easy for you.

Real Estate Fax Provider
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